Bryan Clauson Commemorative Chasing 200 DVD Set




6 DVD Set with 26 Episodes of the 2016 The Cushion Original Show: Bryan Clauson Chasing 200 + the Bonus 'Road to Belleville'.

Late in 2015 Bryan Clauson announced that he would be teaming up with several car owners across the country and do the unthinkable; compete in 200 open wheel races in 2016.

With such a massive undertaking going on, T2 Digital, Inc. and TheCushion.Com provided the late Clauson and fiancé, Lauren Stewart, cameras and equipment and had them document their lives day-by-day, and race-by-race.

From road trips, to walking the famous Chevy and Stewart Clauson pups, Bryan and Lauren brought the racing world in to their family’s daily life up until that tragic August night.

“We had so much fun working with Bryan and Lauren on this project, and like so many people, we miss Bryan deeply,” T2 Digital’s Ian Marvuglio said. “We wanted to do something special with all of this footage and we have been getting emails for months asking if we would do DVDs, so with blessings from Lauren and the Clauson’s, we have put together a 5 disc set featuring all 26 episodes that we aired during the 2016 season. It is our hope that people will cherish this set, and it will help keep BC’s memory living inside of all of his fans.”

Purchase this powerful DVD set for just $49.99 with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the family. The DVD set will bring some guaranteed laughs, will put you in victory lane (multiple times), and will bring some insight into a very busy season from road trips to prepping cars to organizing to shipping merchandise. Watch Bryan as he jumps from Wing Sprint Cars to Non-Wing Sprints to Midgets and of course, to his historic run in the Indy 500. See Bryan as you never could... super up close, super personal and experience what many know… what a great race car driver, but even more, a better person.

“We truly hope fans enjoy this set,” Marvuglio said. “I told Bryan from the get go that the actual racing was a distance second, we wanted to capture him and Lauren, the logistics to do this and to show how hard a goal he set for himself to pull off 200 races in 1 year. It really took us a long time to decide whether to do this DVD package or not, and in doing it, we hope it helps BC’s legacy live on. God bless all you BC fans, thru this tragedy you have shown how great you are as well, and in death, Bryan has shown the world greatness beyond any racing hero with his selfless act of being an organ donor and ultimately saving many, many lives.” #BCforever