The old saying 1 door closes, another opens is quite the truth. You just need to keep your eyes AND your mind open. We have had a lot of things going on behind scenes since Christmas, but as the 2019 race season has begun, we will now start unveiling elements and direction for The Cushion. 
We honestly feel the fans deserve the most coverage possible and that includes from All parties doing broadcasts across Dirt & Asphalt racing… local to regional to national events. It is the great fans that support the local tracks and our forms of racing that give us, and all other companies doing broadcasts, the ability to go out and do what we love. With that said, we as media companies can’t keep going to the fans over and over again to financially support all of these broadcasts. So the advent of the subscription model has been a hit because it offers more value back to the fans that support all of us…. which is terrific. The idea of the fans having to pay per race over and over again from so many avenues of services is tough.

The days of everything being individual PPVs has probably run its course, though there is still is a place for select PPVs... i.e. for Special Events. Similar to how many boxing events are included in your HBO or Showtime subscription, but the big, premier fights are still PPVs. The same is probably the best and fairest thing for the fans that support racing.

Exciting times, changing times, better times... we hope you spend some of your time with us this season. - IJM

We will not be doing a high $$$ subscription model because at this time we will not be doing hundreds of races. So we will continue with our modest monthly and yearly paid memberships and most everything we do Live this year will be included, no extra charge. Our only individual PPVs will be Special Events that are paying $10,000 to win or more.

Our 2019 paid membership pricing will only be $15.99/month or $95.00/year. As the weeks progress, more announcements will come. More races will be added to the schedule and we are looking at creating more original content/programming as well. Lots of things are in the works... can't wait to embrace all coming down the pike... from broadcasting, producing, consulting, creating, reporting, marketing and managing. Exciting times, changing times, better times... we hope you spend some of your time with us this season.

Thank You again - The Cushion (T2 Digital Inc.) since 2007.