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Live Streams are now FREE and part of your Paid Monthly or Yearly Membership, Except on Special Events that pay $10,000 to win or more... those will be Individual PPV Broadcasts, but Paid Members will still get a minimum 10% discount on any PPV events.

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    • General
    • FREEForever
    • NO Live Video Broadcasts Included
    • NO Access to our Premium Video On-Demand (VOD) Content covering all major Sprint Car racing across the country
    • No Obligation to monthly or yearly subscription fees
    • Perfect for those Only interested in purchasing Special Event Individual PPV broadcasts
    • Live Race Broadcasts NOT Included
    • Premium
    • $15.99Per Month
    • INCLUDES Live Race Video Broadcasts EXCEPT a few designated Pay-Per-Views
    • FULL Monthly Access to all of our Video-On-Demand (VOD) Content covering all major Sprint Car racing from across the country.
    • 1400+ Videos-On-Demand including Cushion Original programs like the 410 Build Show &
      Bryan Clauson Chasing 200 Beyond the Helmet
    • Mimimum 10% Discount on individual Live PPV broadcast purchases
    • Inexpensive way to test running up on The Cushion
    • Live Race Broadcasts ARE Included!!!
      (except Special Events paying $10,000 to win or more - those will be individual PPVs)